Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I have someone write or edit my marital statement instead of doing myself?

Requesting a Catholic annulment of your marriage is somewhat like going to a civil court of law, only you are going through the Catholic Church . You want to make sure you present your case in the best way, particularly your marriage summary.

The decision by the Tribunal on your annulment request will dramatically affect the rest of your spiritual life. With the stakes so high, give yourself the best chance by submitting a comprehensive and professional marital summary. Writing well about something so emotional is very hard to do.

What other benefits are there by having someone write my marital summary? 

My experience is that the subject matter of the marriage and divorce are very painful. Most individuals postpone the annulment process. It is not easy to relive the marriage, much less to write about it in a clear, organized, and objective way. By having me help you, I can eliminate the emotional pain you have to endure when you do it yourself. The marriage was difficult to live through, it is not much easier writing about it.

What should be my first step in the Catholic annulment process?

I suggest calling your parish and asking for the person who can give you information regarding an annulment. They may forward you to the pastor, a deacon, or a parish liason. This person will usually suggest a meeting to discuss your situation. Then they will guide you to the next step.

How long does it take for the Tribunal to make a decision on a marriage annulment request?

Generally, it will take 12-18 months for a decision .

How do I find out what information my diocese has regarding annulments?

To find your diocese, go to this website:  Click on your state and then look for your diocese -- click on that. On the diocese's website, look for the SEARCH box, usually on the top or left side of the page. Type in the word tribunal. Typically you will see Metropolitan Tribunal come up. Choose that. This is your best step for gathering information rather than doing random information searches on the internet. 

What do you charge to write the marriage summary?

My services are very affordable. The cost will vary based upon if you want me to interview and write your summary or if you  want me to interview and write the summary for witnesses, or if you just want me to edit what you have written. Contact me, let me know what you are considering and I can give you a quote. 

What should be contained in the mariage summary?

Tribunals provide petitioners broad guidelines for what to include. I use these guidelines as the basis for the interview. Typically, the summary should include family and personal backgrounds, the courtship, and the marriage.

How long does it take you to write the marital summary?

I should be able to finish it, including any rewrites, within two weeks. This is generally much sooner than those who write it themselves.

What is the best way to reach me?

Either phone, text  or email are convenient for me. Call or text me at 612-467-9444 or email me at I am quick to respond if you get my voicemail.