Your Catholic Annulment
I help write your annulment statement; the most important  part of your petition.


About Me.

In addition to writing marital summaries for petitioners and witnesses, I also write books with the life stories of individuals, particularly senior citizens who want to pass along their family history in a book.

So I am used to hearing about the joys and sorrows that accompany every life. There is nothing that you can tell me that will shock or surprise me.  I am comfortable discussing any topic, no matter how personal, and I will make you comfortable, too. I will always treat you courteously, and your information is held in strict confidence.

Depending on the circumstances, our conversation can be face to face, by phone, or by web cam (Skype). I have interviewed numerous people over the phone. In the end, you will always receive a polished document that was professionally completed, no matter how the interview was conducted.

I encourage you to contact me for more information at 612-467-9444 or at