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Your Catholic Annulment
I help write your annulment statement; the most important  part of your petition.



Quotes How painful it is to recall memories that I just could not put into words. Yet, this is what the annulment asks for. Tenderness, Unconditional Kindness and Non Judmental Patience is the gift that Bruce gave to me. He listened and when I needed to catch my breath...he waited. The result was the most unbeliveable accurate account of my life that answered every question of my annulment. The Deacon said that he kept coming back to read it....he said it was the most well written and professional work that he had ever read. Blessed am I to have found Bruce. Quotes
Female, South

Quotes I did my first statement to the Tribunal by myself. My annulment was denied. I challenged the decision, and got a chance to rewrite my statement. I asked Bruce to help me. He made the interview easy and wrote a complete and easy to understand statement (15 pages). My advocate, who is a priest and who at one time served on another diocese's Tribunal, said my statement was "well done." The assistance Bruce gave me made me feel confident that I submitted the best statement possible. Quotes
Male, Midwest

Quotes I am a Lutheran who divorced a Catholic boy when I was young. Later, when I wanted to get married again, it was also to a Catholic man. In order for the Catholic Church to approve the marriage, I had to get the first marriage annuled. I had Bruce help me. He put me at ease during the interview, so it was not hard or too emotional going over the difficult parts of the marriage. He did a very good job on the write up. Some time later, an annulment was granted. I am sure having a well written marriage summary helped a lot. Quotes
Female, Midwest

Quotes After 30 years of marriage, which ended in divorce, I chose to pursue the process of an annulment. Writing a personal statement and compiling the witness letters were overwhelming. I sought the help of a trained writer to facilitate these steps. Bruce was gracious and conducted a comprehensive interview of myself and of one of my witnesses. He provided perfect documents for me to use. He has my strongest recommendation, and he significatnly eased the pain of this journey. Quotes
Male, Midwest
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