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Your Catholic Annulment
I help write your annulment statement; the most important  part of your petition.



Quotes I really appreciate your help with the process. It makes it easier. Quotes
Male, Midwest

Quotes I presented your writeup along with the additional documentation to my priest/advocate. He said it was the best writeup he has seen and wanted your information in order to refer others to you. Quotes
Male, East

Quotes Just dropping line to let you know the decision in my annulment was affirmative. Thank you once again for your advice and assistance with my statements. Quotes
Female, Midwest

Quotes Thank you so much for your time and careful consideration. I found the interiew process valuable and insightful. Come what may, I am grateful for your help. Quotes
Female, West

Quotes Thank you again for your hard work and professionalism on my annulment statement. The annulment process is fully underway at this point, and I am confident that your help in writing my statement has made it much simpler for the Tribunal to understand the reasons I was not ready for my first marriage. I'll keep you posted - but I anticipate that everything will go smoothly from here! Quotes
Female, Midwest

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that my advocate accepted the statement exactly as you wrote it! You're awesome!!! Quotes
Female, Great Lakes

Quotes You have a very easy, conversational way of writing that makes the story simpler to understand. So much of this was difficult for me to examine and write about. You made a difficult process into a very simple one. I truly appreciate that. THANKS AGAIN!!! Quotes
Female, Midwest

Quotes Thank you so much. I already feel a little lighter at heart. This is something I needed to do for so long and just couldn't. I thank God that he led me to the help I needed. Blessings. Quotes
Female, West

Quotes Thank you for all your help and patience walking backward through my journey. Quotes
Female, West

Quotes Just thought I would let you know that I just received the official affirmative decision from the diocese.Thanks for all of your help! Quotes
Male, West